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Thievin Joins Ft. Peck Team

Tyler Thievin Hired as Staff Engineer

We are excited to announce the addition of Tyler Thievin, EI, to the Ft. Peck, Montana, office.

Thievin will serve as a Staff Engineer. With a Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering from Montana Tech, Thievin has a background in oil, ag, and civil construction as well as business management and ownership. Tyler and his family live in Fort Peck.

“From an early point in my life, I realized a strong interest in art, math, and creativity. Later down the road I started to enjoy building and rebuilding small projects,” explained Thievin of his interest in engineering. “Whether that be restoring an old car or building a motocross track, I gained some knowledge of what was next for me. That narrowed my pathway, and after graduating high school, I chose to attend Montana Tech to pursue engineering. Throughout the course of college, I switched majors a time or two and utilized a couple of internships while figuring out which area of engineering best fit me and civil construction is where I feel most comfortable.”

Welcome to the team, Tyler!