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Teamwork Award

We See You. You Matter.

The Teamwork Award gives individuals throughout the company the opportunity to recognize our coworkers for their extraordinary work. As you see a coworker going the extra mile working towards the company vision or demonstrating our core values, you can recognize their efforts through a gift card program.

How the Program Works

Each fiscal year, each employee has the chance to gift up to two $50 cards to any employee throughout Interstate Engineering. To send a card, fill out the “Gold Star” form available on the employee side of the website.

The nomination form will be sent to Kristi and Katie. The gift card will be issued from the corporate office and sent to the recipient along with the nomination form from you. Each month in Interstatements, a list of people who received the “Gold Star” will be published.

Each year, each employee can give two cards as they see fit. One should be out of their immediate office, and if it is out of the region, even better! We are an ever-growing company that is increasingly interconnected. Recognizing when people from other offices go beyond shows, we see our coworkers and they matter.


Am I Taxed?

The receiver of the card will be taxed. This will be reflected in their next paycheck.

Can I give two or receive two?

You can give two during the fiscal year (March – February). You could receive hundreds.

Can I re-gift my card?

It is yours to do with as you please.

Can I opt-out of the program?

If you really want to, of course. However, it serves everyone in the company when we can show appreciation for others’ hard work.

Could my nomination be rejected?

It is possible your nomination could be held or not accepted. We hope that will not happen, but you will be contacted about the reasoning if that does.

How long will this program last?

This program will be in place for at least one year. It will be reviewed periodically throughout the year to see how it can be improved. Just like the company, the program will grow with our needs.