Hardin Growth Policy Management Plan

As part of planning for downtown revitalization, the City of Hardin is asking for input from the community. Please complete this brief survey. All input will be used in helping build the future of Hardin to meet the needs of today and years into the future.

Community Survey

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The timing is excellent for the City of Hardin to undertake a growth management and downtown revitalization plan. As the world is emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic more mobile and digital than ever before, “place-based” economic development will become increasingly important in sustaining healthy, vibrant communities.

Redevelopment through best growth management practices coupled with the community’s intended investment in the downtown corridor will make Hardin a competitive, regional center. Hardin is ready to take this next step because it has always thrived as a city at a crossroads. American history passed through Hardin, creating an intersection of cultures that makes for a dynamic community with unique opportunities. The city’s location on I-90 bridges rural tranquility with accessibility to larger communities, putting Hardin firmly on the map as both a gateway to various places as well as its own destination. As Hardin is such a dynamic place, a well-planned future, and a strong sense of place in the city will make for a stronger, better-connected region as a whole.

The project will work through phases, including public engagement, public involvement, and public adaptation.

Planning Team

Heidi Jensen-Christison

Project Manager

Matt Lower

Planning Manager

Cal Cumin

Hardin City Planner