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Master Lift station repairs

Including wet well lining & Plc & mcc upgrades
Wahpeton, North Dakota

The City of Wahpeton selected Interstate Engineering to perform design and construction engineering for a master lift station repair, wet well lining, and upgrades to the programmable logic controllers (PLC) and the motor control centers (MCC) project in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

The project design required extensive coordination with the City of Wahpeton. Interstate Engineering designed this master lift station and oversaw the construction in 1987 and 1988. Approximately 90% of the city’s sanitary sewer flows through this master lift station. The H2S content in the sewer has increased over the years leading to concrete deterioration in the lift station. This project will include the removal and replacement of the center concrete weir wall in the lift station; the removal and replacement of the deteriorated concrete in the wet well; cleaning of the wet well; lining of the wet well; removal and replacement of a flanged spindle from the pumps; and upgrades to the PLCs and the MCCs in the lift station.

One of the largest challenges to this design involved the flow coming through the master lift station. During the work on the wet well and electrical system, a bypass system is needed. The wet well work takes approximately 45 days from start to completion. During this period the pumps and piping must be monitored by the contractor 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The updates to the electrical system offer additional challenges due to lead time. The new PLCs and MCCs take approximately 12 to 16 weeks from order to arrival. Anticipating the potential for delay, the City of Wahpeton ordered the new electrical equipment in advance. It is ready for installation by the contractor when the time arrives. The wet well will be lined with Zebron. This product is sprayed onto all of the surfaces within the wet well. It will help protect the concrete from any further deterioration from H2S sewer gasses. The master lift station project bid in October 2018. Northern Plains Contracting from Wolverton, Minnesota, was the low bidder. Construction began in the spring of 2019 and will continue into the summer.

Kevin Kroke with LKA Engineers provided electrical design. Dennis Miranowski, Wahpeton Public Works Director; Kyle Rogahn, PE, Wahpeton Engineering Project Manager; and Don Walk, Wahpeton Sewer Foreman, have been intricately involved throughout the design of the project and will continue to be throughout construction.

Interstate Engineering looks forward to the construction of the project, working with the City of Wahpeton and Northern Plains Contracting throughout the construction period.

Interstate Engineering Team

Damon DeVillers, PE – Principal Engineer Design & Construction Engineer
Kent Thoreson, PLS – Design & Construction Engineer
James Dahlman – Design & Construction Engineer
Tim Pearson – Drafter