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Mitchell, Water Tower, & Jaycee Pool

Great Falls, Montana

The community swimming pools in Great Falls were built and renovated in the 1960s. Because the pools’ systems and infrastructures had deteriorated over time, the city was faced with significant capital and maintenance issues. The city retained the services of Interstate Engineering to evaluate all three swimming pool complexes and develop a list of alternatives ranging from closing to complete replacement. The study prepared by Interstate Engineering resulted in the following recommendations:

Mitchell Pool

Complete rehabilitation was warranted which included a new stainless steel gutter system, pool floor and wall rehabilitation by installing a PVC liner system, filtration/recirculation system, new concrete decks, new electrical/mechanical systems, new filter room, pool heater, and backwash balance tank systems. The improvements brought the Mitchell Pool up to the current codes and decreased the chemical, natural gas, and electrical costs.

Water Tower and Jaycee Pools

Both pools had deteriorated gutter systems with broken grate tiles, plaster spalling of the pool tank walls, heaving concrete decks, outdated and inefficient pool heaters, re-circulating pumps and systems were at the end of their useful life, restrooms were not ADA accessible, and the dressing rooms needed to be renovated. Improvements to each facility included a new filtration/recirculation system, new stainless steel gutter, chemical feed rehabilitation, new concrete deck and fencing, pool floor and wall rehabilitation by use of a PVC liner, new deck equipment, electrical work, and bathhouse rehabilitation.

The “rehabilitation project” was estimated to cost just under $2.3 million. General Obligation Bond financing in the entire amount for a ten-year term was placed on the November 7, 2006, ballot. Interstate Engineering prepared informational packets including drawings and cost estimates utilized to inform the electorate. The General Obligation Bond passed with 15,158 voting to approve the bonds and 5,648 voting against approval. On December 19, 2006, the City Commission approved the Professional Services Agreement with Interstate for the rehabilitation of the Mitchell, Water Tower, and Jaycee Pools.

The decision was later made to pursue funding and construction of spray parks/splash decks for the community. Interstate Engineering was retained to evaluate the potential location of a single splash deck complex or several smaller facilities. It was determined that the best alternative was two locations; one at Jaycee and the other at Water Tower Pool; thereby creating an aquatics complex at each location and expanding entertainment for the community at locations on either side of the city. Although funding was different for the two projects, for efficiency and cost savings, both projects were bid together and were constructed at the same time.

Pool & Aquatics Group
Bedwell, Kaden
Kaden Bedwell
Pool, Aquatics & Recreation Group Leader
Brian Milne
Senior Project Engineer