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When the Chips Are Down

Countywide overlay and chip seal
Mercer County, North Dakota

Interstate Engineering has proudly provided engineering, surveying, and planning services to the Mercer County Highway Department for over three decades. Throughout this time, a fantastic relationship has formed; one built on trust, understanding, and knowledge.

Over the past few North Dakota state legislation bienniums, North Dakota counties and cities have received funding through oil impact reserves. These funds are for infrastructure improvements. Thanks to these funds, counties throughout the state, including Mercer County, have improved numerous highways. With approximately 112 miles of paved highway, the county opted to overlay heavily traveled portions with hot bituminous pavement. This method would improve travel as well as extend the life of the roads with a lower overall cost, allowing for maximum use of allocated funds. Interstate Engineering provided the design and construction engineering for these projects.

After the highways were paved, the county implemented a maintenance idea to protect the county’s investment. In 2018, Interstate Engineering assembled plans to chip seal these newly paved highways throughout Mercer County. The county utilized federal dollar allocations and bid the project through the NDDOT. A contract was awarded to Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation (ASTECH) in June 2018.

The total project was completed in September 2018. Interstate Engineering looks forward to building on the existing relationship with Mercer County, assisting the county and its residents for decades to come through engineering, surveying, and planning services to maintain a safe highway system.

Interstate engineering Team

Eric Urness, PE – Client Manager, Design Engineer & Construction Engineer
Bryan Hastig – Drafter
Aaron Hummert, PLS – Surveyor
Logan Backman, LSI – Surveyor
Vaughn Hoffman – Construction Technician