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Comprehensive Plan
Wahpeton 2040
About the Project

The Wahpeton 2040 Comprehensive Plan will describe the long-term vision for the City of Wahpeton, giving direction for the city’s growth in the coming decades. It will contain common goals that guide development and set policies for land use, transportation, capital facilities, parks and recreation, economic development, and other categories. The project also includes two “subarea plans” to provide more detailed direction for the continued development of City’s two mixed-use areas: downtown and the Westdale/Bypass Corridor area.  

The City of Wahpeton is updating their comprehensive plan so community goals and policies can better reflect changes in development since the last plan was approved in 2011. The project will take approximately 12-15 months with the intent of adopting the new plan by February 2022. Public involvement is vital to the success of the project and community survey, stakeholder interviews, and a technical advisory committee made up of local experts will guide the creation of the plan.  

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan was released in 2011. 

Take the survey to help shape the future of Wahpeton. 

Information from community meetings

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
North Dakota Century Code Resources
“The comprehensive plan shall be a statement in documented text setting forth explicit goals, objectives, policies, and standards of the jurisdiction to guide public and private development within its control(NDCC 40-41-03) 

comprehensive plan is a local government document that provides the basis for policy decisions. It details a community’s vision for future development and describes the tools needed to achieve long-range planning objectivesNorth Dakota Century Code (40-47-03, 40-48-02) enables cities to develop and implement comprehensive or master plans. State statute also requires cities to maintain a comprehensive plan as a prerequisite for zoning. Comprehensive plans do not contain binding regulation themselves, but instead provide foundation and direction so that community development, public investments, new ordinances, and other City initiatives adhere to both the public vision and best practices. Comprehensive plans need to be periodically updated to reflect changes in the community. 

Wahpeton 2040 Roadmap

Assemble a Technical Advisory Committee
November 2020
Create project website
November 2020
Create and launch a public survey
October 2020
Community Stakeholder Interviews
November 2020 - February 2021
Technical Advisory Committee meeting
February 2021
Technical Advisory Committee meeting
June 2021
Plan Production
April - October 2021
Interviews & Outreach
April - October 2021
Public Involvement Session
October 2021
Technical Advisory Committee meeting
October 2021
Final Adjustments
November 2021
Plan Adaption
December 2021
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Meeting Materials
Community Photo Submission

As part of the Wahpeton 2040 Comprehensive plan, we are asking the community to share photos that represent what they love about Wahpeton. Photos can encompass any of the following:

  • What makes you proud of the community? 
  • What can’t we afford to lose?
  • What can we improve? 

Photos will be used in the creation of the Wahp2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Photo Submission Form
Alternative Submission Options

You can directly email photos to Matt Lower

Photos can be dropped off at
Interstate Engineering
1999 4th St N, Suite A
Wahpeton, ND 58075

City of Wahpeton
Chris DeVries

Community Development Director 

Dennis Miranowski

Wahpeton Public Works Director 

Lead Consultant
Matt Lower, MURP, CGW

Project Manager & Planning Manager 

Damon DeVillers, PE

Client Manager 

Design Consultant
Brian Reinarts, ASLA

Assistant Project Manager 

Christopher Shires, AICP

Small Area Planner 

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