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Voluntary Citywide Improvement Projects

Sidewalk Project Part 1
This project was Completed Summer 2022.
About the Project
Crosby is considering voluntary citywide improvements.
Residents and businesses can participate in a sidewalk, driveway, and curb and gutter improvements project. The Crosby city council has approved a 50/50 cost share of construction costs with property owners and will contribute up to $200,000 for the total project. first come, first served. We can all work together to make our sidewalks smoother, our city safer and improve overall walkability.
What is Walkability?

A measure of how friendly a community is to walkers. This considers sidewalks, intersections, and all the places our feet will take us.

What will the cost be?

If interest is strong enough, the city can budget to pay for the work to be done. Repayment by benefitting properties will be through special assessments.

Why does walkability matter to Crosby?

Walkability provides an improved quality of life including health, safety, economic, and environmental benefits.

What is the term for repayment to the city?

10 years is typical. The Crosby City Council will discuss assessment term and interest rate at March 2022 meeting.

When will construction take place?

2022 is the goal date. 

Who can sign up?

Any property owner can participate. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

How do I sign up?

Once you have signed up, Interstate Engineering will contact you in April to set up a meeting at your property.
1. Fill out the Form 
2. Call The Engineers
If you have already filled out the
form since October 2021, you are
already on the list and will
be contacted.

Book a Time

Project Milestones
Public Information Meeting
October 4, 2021
Bid Package Prep Begins
February 2022
Bid Opening
April 2022
Meet on site with property owners to finalize scope & cost.
April 2022

Signature needed on the petition for improvements & waiver of special assessments objection.
Close Out Project & Final Assessments to Auditor to File with the County
August 2022

Eligible Components of a Typical Driveway, Curb & Gutter, and Sidewalk

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove and replace my sidewalk or driveway if the existing concrete does not meet the City’s requirements for thickness? Would this be assessed to the property or is it an upfront cost to the property owner?

No – existing sidewalks and driveways do not need to meet City standard until the owner is ready to do the improvement. This program allows for payment to be in one lump sum payment or special assessments over 10 years.

When will the work be completed?

June/July 2022 since assessments need to be certified to the county by August.

Do I need to pay for asphalt removal/replacement impacted by the project?

Only an area that is up to two feet wide by the length of the curbing to be replaced.

If I participate in this Voluntary District, do I still need to get a permit for the work within the right-of-way?

No. By participating in this program, the City is assured that the design and construction standards will be met; therefore no permit will be necessary.

Can I get my entire driveway replaced with this project?

No. Only the portion within public right of way is eligible for special assessment. Any private work shall be done privately. Owners can get details of the bid prices and use them to negotiate with the contractor. All private work shall be paid directly by the Owner and no special assessment shall be allowed.

Can I pay for the work in one payment versus special assessments so that I can save on interest?


Can I pay for my neighbor?

Yes. A brief agreement may be required between you and your neighbor to assure that payment will be made. It is likely that an upfront payment would be required for your neighbor’s property since an assessment could not be applied to that lot.

After I have signed the estimate of cost in April, can costs still change?

It’s possible during construction that some minor unforeseen items could arise. However, by meeting on site and taking measurements as a basis of the cost estimate after bids are received, it is our hope that any quantity changes (cost) would be minor. We will do our best to not surprise anyone and contact you right away if costs are significantly more than the original estimate.

Am I responsible to keep my sidewalk clear and passable?

Yes. For example, owners are responsible to shovel snow along their lot frontage.

Fleck, Lonni
Lonni Fleck
Principal Engineer
Teaguean Knudsen
Project Engineer
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