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City of Crosby
Community improvement projects
Citywide Improvements
About the Project
Crosby is considering voluntary citywide improvements.
Residents and businesses can participate in a sidewalk, driveway, and curb and gutter improvements project.  We can all work together to make our sidewalks smoother, our city safer and improve overall walkability.
What is Walkability?

A measure of how friendly a community is to walkers. This considers sidewalks, intersections, and all the places our feet will take us.

What will the cost be?

If interest is strong enough, the city can budget to pay for the work to be done. Repayment by benefitting properties will be through special assessments.

Why does walkability matter to Crosby?

Walkability provides an improved quality of life including health, safety, economic, and environmental benefits.

What is the term for repayment to the city?

10 Years.

When will construction take place?

2022 is the goal date. 

Who can sign up?

Any property owner can participate. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

How do I sign up?

1. Fill out the Form 
2. Attend The Meeting
Public Information Meeting
October 4 | 6:00 PM
City Hall
107 Central Ave, Crosby
3. Call The Engineers
Contact Teaguean or Lonni at Interstate Engineering with questions or to sign up.
Project Milestones
Public Information Meeting
October 4, 2021
Bid Package Prep Begins
December 2021
Bid Opening
March 2022
Public Information Meeting to Share Costs & Finalize Property Owner Interest
April 2022
July/August 2022
Close Out Project & Final Assessments to Auditor to File with the County
September 2022
Fleck, Lonni
Lonni Fleck
Principal Engineer
knudsen, Teaguean
Teaguean Knudsen
Project Engineer
Crosby Sidewalk Improvement Project

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