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Hendrickson-Holmes Improvements

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A realistic timeline is in 2027

Yes, see excerpts from City Ordinance Chapter 3 Streets, Sidewalks, And Other Public Places

Article 1; 3.0110 Removal of snow and ice from sidewalk

(1)          It shall be, and hereby is declared to be, the duty of the owner or occupant of each lot in the city to remove from the sidewalk in front of or along the same, any ice or snow which forms, accumulates or obstructs such sidewalk, within 24 hours after the ice forms or the snow ceases to fall thereon. Where the ice accumulated is of such character as to make the removal thereof practically impossible, the sprinkling of ashes or sand thereon within the time specified for removal in such manner as to make such sidewalk safe for the travel of pedestrians thereon, shall be deemed in compliance with the provisions of this article.

Article 2; 3.0203 Duty of owner to maintain

(1)          It shall be the duty of the owner of any property along which a sidewalk has been constructed to maintain the same in good repair and safe condition. Should any such owner fail to so maintain such sidewalks, the city engineer or Street Superintendent shall direct the owner to make such repairs as may be necessary to restore such sidewalk to a safe condition. Should the owner fail, within a reasonable time, to follow the directions of the city engineer or Street Superintendent, the city engineer or Street Superintendent shall report the facts to the City Council, which may then proceed as provided in accordance with NDCC Title 40 Chapter 40-29.


It is common practice to only assess the properties abutting the improved street. However, some exceptions can apply through the special assessment committee proceedings once the project is complete.

The timing of the next infrastructure project will be based upon many factors including but not limited to the city’s cash standing, availability of grants, and status of problems over time.

Yes, but it’s an average of all lots. For individual preliminary pricing refer to the detailed spreadsheet provided at the meeting. If multiple lots are owned, the prices are given on a per lot basis.

There are five that are delinquent.



It’s customary to limit the assessments to the immediate benefitting property owners. The gravel street properties nearby, but not fronting the street to be improved, could be included in the district and assessed, however this sets a precedent such that when those gravel streets are improved, some time in the future, the overlap into the Hendrickson Holmes properties would mean they too would have to be assessed at that time.

The district boundary will need to be set later this year. Next year, if the project is built, an assessment committee of three individuals get appointed and can evaluate these case by case, but again, if the lots are not in the district to begin with, they cannot be assessed.


To be fair, a neighborhood survey to determine both sides, one side, or no side, for sidewalks will be done.

Give feedback to city council in writing or in person. The project area will be surveyed by Interstate Engineering and design into the Fall. A protest hearing for the surface improvements (not water/sewer) will be scheduled this fall.

Yes, the Contractor will be required to provide temporary access but there will be disruptions.

No, though the alleys will likely be used for temporary property access and some gravel may be added.

Typically, the special assessments are prorated between the seller and buyer of the property for that year of assessments.  Those details are worked out in the purchase agreement between the seller/buyer.

Hendrickson-Holmes Project Plan

Project Team

Fleck, Lonni
Lonni Fleck
Principal Engineer
Teaguean Knudsen
Project Engineer

Public Meeting Info

On May 10, 2023, a public meeting was held to answer questions about the upcoming project. The presentation and audio are available below as well as the presentation slide deck. 
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