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Lead Service Line Inventory

February 2024

Dear Community Member:

The City of Crosy is participating in a comprehensive lead service line inventory. This inventory is part of an initiative mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ) to document the type of service line for all water customers nationwide. The NDDEQ has appointed Interstate Engineering to conduct the inventory.

To make this inventory successful, we are asking for your help determining the type of service line leading into your building or home. The whole process should only take a few moments but ultimately will ensure the safety and quality of your water services. Businesses and residents have been sent a letter and a survey with information. Only one survey per address needs to be completed.

If you need assistance with the Lead Service Line Inventory Survey please contact one of the individuals below and they will make arrangements to help.

  • Dave Allmuth (701) 339.1142
  • Jeff Jeglum (701) 641.6076
  • Alexa Kruger (701) 965.6029

How You Can Help

1. Determine the type of service line you have using the following instructions on the next page.

2. Complete a short 6-question survey online or mail in the letter you received. 

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