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Landscape Architecture

So Much More Than Plants

At Interstate Engineering, we believe that every outdoor space has the potential to become a masterpiece. Our passionate team is dedicated to unlocking the hidden beauty of landscapes, creating captivating spaces that welcome, engage, and leave a lasting impression. With a harmonious blend of artistic flair and technical expertise, we design and craft stunning landscapes that seamlessly merge with the surrounding area. Whether it’s a residential development, a thriving park, or a dynamic urban streetscape, our goal is to transform your vision into reality.

Municipal Design

Municipal Landscape Design

With years of experience collaborating with municipalities and park districts, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in public space design. Our expertise allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions that align with your community’s vision and objectives.

Community-Centric Approach

At the core of our services is a deep appreciation for community needs and desires. We engage stakeholders, residents, and local officials throughout the design process, ensuring that the final landscape reflects the values and aspirations of the community.

Creativity & Innovation

We believe outstanding landscape architecture should meet functional requirements and inspire and captivate. Our talented designers bring creativity and innovation to every project, pushing boundaries to deliver remarkable results.

Responsible Solutions

As responsible stewards of the environment, we prioritize sustainability in all our designs. From water-efficient landscaping to eco-friendly materials, we strive to create landscapes that minimize environmental impact and promote ecological balance.

Featured Services
Parks & Recreation

Parks and recreation design and master planning create a blueprint that fosters community and delivers a park system destined to be a beloved destination. Through a collaborative process, we dovetail our design expertise and your community’s needs to create vibrant parks and open spaces to enrich the lives of residents and visitors.

Community Placemaking

Our team creates vibrant and engaging public spaces that foster a strong sense of identity, belonging, and connection. Through innovative design solutions, we transform ordinary areas into cherished gathering spaces where people can come together, celebrate local culture, and build lasting memories.

Community Rejuvenation

Transforming public streetscapes into vibrant, pedestrian-friendly environments is our specialty. We focus on improving walkability, integrating public art, incorporating green spaces, and prioritizing multimodal design leading to seamless connectivity with active transportation options. We focus on enhancing the experience for locals and guests.

Commercial Landscapes

From corporate campuses to retail centers, we design inviting landscapes that captivate visitors and promote a positive impression of your business.

Responsible Design

Our designs emphasize sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience. By integrating green infrastructure, native plantings, and smart water management solutions, we create thriving spaces while minimizing maintenance costs. Our focus on inclusivity ensures spaces cater to your distinct needs, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Endless possibilities

From hand-drawn sketches to 3D renderings, our team brings concepts to life through each step. Leveraging virtual and augmented reality technologies for an immersive design experience, we can create more than a cohesive landscape but an experience to engage and educate before construction.

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