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Main Street Project Notes: May 10

Temporary Water Shutdown Notice (Friday, May 5, 2024)

Areas of town will be without water from 9 am to 3 pm while the construction crew replaces a water service valve. Impacted areas will include the first block of 2nd Ave NW.  It is not anticipated that the shutdown will extend beyond the areas shown in the attached map – streets highlighted in red are the impacted areas for the water shut down. While we do not anticipate the shut down extending beyond the areas shown, it is possible that further areas may be impacted in the event that existing water valves do not perform adequately and isolate the work area.

NOTICE: Should the necessary water valves not hold for this temporary shutdown as expected, further isolation attempts would be required and may result in water loss for a much larger area. It is possible that all areas from 3rd Street North down to the railroad tracks may be without water during this timeframe due to the layout of the valves within town.