Beulah Main Street

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Construction Update (May 20)

Last week, the contractor finished installing all storm sewer piping, inlets, and manholes in Stages 1 & 2. This week the contractor will be grading the road, moving temp water piping, and excavating at the intersection of Main St. and Central Ave. A subcontractor will be installing underground electrical in Stages 1 & 2. They were originally going to start the removals in Stage 3 this week, but they have elected to start the week of May 27, 2024.

The contractor will not be on site May 23 – May 27 due to Memorial Day weekend.

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Temporary Water Shutdown Notice: April 24

Areas of town will be without water from 9 am to 3 pm while the construction crew replaces a water service valve. Impacted areas will include the first block of 2nd Ave NW.  It is not anticipated that the shutdown will extend beyond the areas shown in the attached map – streets highlighted in red are the impacted areas for the water shut down. While we do not anticipate the shut down extending beyond the areas shown, it is possible that further areas may be impacted in the event that existing water valves do not perform adequately and isolate the work area.

NOTICE: Should the necessary water valves not hold for this temporary shutdown as expected, further isolation attempts would be required and may result in water loss for a much larger area. It is possible that all areas from 3rd Street North down to the railroad tracks may be without water during this timeframe due to the layout of the valves within town.

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Public Notice: Public Parking & Use of Streets


Please remember that parking in the downtown area to access businesses can be accomplished by parking in the street right-of-way near the downtown area. No parking is allowed in private parking designated zones or the construction zone. The Union Bank parking lot and Bronson’s parking lot have been impacted by general public parking. These parking lot areas are intended only for patrons of those businesses. Additionally, there is private parking behind the business multiplex that is only for the owners of the property/businesses. Patrons cannot park in these areas as they are private parking spaces.


Streets may be used to park your vehicle, so you may access businesses within the construction zone on either side of Main Street. Additionally, you may use the parking area off Railroad Street (next to the grain elevators) for parking to access businesses on the south side of Main Street.

Thank you for your continued cooperation during construction operations.

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Public Notice: Tampering with Public Water System

This past weekend, the temporary water system put in place by the contractor was tampered with. Please keep in mind that tampering with a public water system is punishable by law and is considered a federal offense. Any tampering with the public water system during the project will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this project, and with your support we look forward to the successful completion of these city improvements.

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Public Notice: Construction Area Limits

Please remember that the project area limits that are currently in effect are Stages 1 and 2, as shown on the project map on this website. These limits are barricaded off on Main Street by construction signage and are in place for your safety. Motorists can still access the parking lots of Bronson’s Supermarket and the Business Multiplex but must adhere to the access signage as displayed on site. Additionally, pedestrian traffic (foot traffic) must stay out of the construction work area and cannot intentionally cross beyond active work zone barricades to cross the street. Pedestrian traffic is limited to the designated areas barricaded off for access to individual businesses. The Country Kettle has front entry access, but pedestrians must stay within the barricaded walkway to the front entry door. This is for your own safety, and the contractor cannot always know if public pedestrians are walking behind them while operating equipment. All the equipment in use on this project has blind spots, and your safety is at risk if you enter the work area when you are not supposed to. Safety is of the utmost importance to everyone on this project, and we ask for your patience, cooperation, and understanding while construction operations are taking place. To protect the public and everyone’s safety, police will be notified of any pedestrian or vehicular traffic taking place within the actively barricaded construction area as it is witnessed.