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Lewistown Aquatics Complex

Sometimes communities are built around pools. Sometimes a community builds a pool. That’s what Lewistown did. 

A study was completed in 2008 and 2009 regarding options to improve the aquatics facility in Lewistown. There were 4 alternates evaluated – a new outdoor 50-meter, a new outdoor 25-meter, a new indoor facility, and rehabilitation of the existing facility. The preferred option was to rehabilitate the existing swimming pool tank by enlarging the deep end to accommodate a 6-lane 25-meter configuration, fill in the opposite “Z” leg of the pool to allow for a zero-depth entry, install a new stainless steel gutter system, install a new PVC liner system, change out the filter and chemical feed system, and make modifications to the existing bathhouse mechanical and electrical features. The estimate of probable cost was updated in 2014 was $1,800,000.

An additive alternate project was proposed that replaced the existing tower water slide by installing a new tower slide into a new plunge pool with new filtration system and replacing the wading pool with a splash deck. The estimate of probable cost updated in 2014 was $1,032,000.

The project was tabled in 2009, but interest in addressing the condition of the facility was restarted in 2013 and several meetings have been held. Several donations were received to make improvements to the swimming pool project. Interstate Engineering prepared several renderings for the preferred alternative and developed a brochure to inform the public about the project.

On November 4, 2014, voters in the area decided favorably for a maximum annual contribution of $35 for 20 years to bring the main pool up to current codes. These funds were accompanied by privately raised dollars through grants, endowments, and other activities.

In June 2016, the pool was opened to the public.

Pool & Aquatics Group
Bedwell, Kaden
Kaden Bedwell
Pool, Aquatics & Recreation Group Leader
Brian Milne
Senior Project Engineer