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Projects start with an idea but become reality when the right funding mechanisms are in place. From aging infrastructure to growth and development, finding and securing financial resources is critical to project success.

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Working closely with funding agencies, our team understands the available resources and their best utilization. Our experts help clients identify funding priorities, determine funding sources, and match capital improvement projects with available grants and loans.

Grant Writing

Our Certified Grant Writers know successful grant writing requires understanding, attention to detail, and an ability to meet deadlines.

Funding Packages

Our team knows the funding available and how multiple grants can be leveraged for maximum financing.

Grant Administration

Once awarded, the reporting, deadlines, and management of grants and funds are critical for maximum funding.

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Interstate Engineering proudly announces Rebecca Shaw-Quiñones, AICP, is now a Certified Grant Writer. With this credential, Rebecca will continue to help clients with long-range planning, community development, and capacity building for new projects. The experience of a Certified Grant Writer highlights Interstate Engineering’s continued commitment to building on our 45 years of success. Communities and local governments can continue to rely on Interstate Engineering to assist in finding funding and engineering solutions that meet the needs into the future. The American Grant Writers’ Association administers the Certified Grant Writer credential. The AGWA writes, “The Certified Grant Writer® Credential is the…

On December 16, 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris released the White House’s “Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan.”  This will be important for our Rural America Clients to keep an eye on since there are new requirements that come with this from the EPA, which include the development of a lead service line inventory, and proposed requirements to replace these service lines as quickly as feasible. 

On Wednesday March 20, 2019, Governor Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1066c an infrastructure bill also known as”Operation Prairie Dog,” into law. That is great news for North Dakota as this bill will provide a source of sustainable funding for the future for North Dakota Cities, Counties, Townships, and Airports for infrastructure projects. The funds would first be available for projects in the summer of 2021. The infrastructure “buckets” may fill to $250 million total, distributing up to $115 million to cities, $115 million to counties and townships, and $20 million for airport infrastructure. Distributions of the funds are based…