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New Rockford Water Main Replacement Project

In 2018, the New Rockford City Commission determined it was time to address the frequent water main breaks as well as the costs associated with the breaks. The solution they chose is a citywide water main replacement project.

The project will take place in three phases.

Phase 1

Replace the cast iron water mains with PVC water mains.

Phase 2

Improve the water treatment plant, reducing the sodium and offering better-tasting water.

Phase 3

Paint and repair the water tower.

The water system improvements project is being funded through USDA grant and loan funding. The City of New Rockford was awarded a grant to cover 45% of the total project costs. The remaining 55% is in the form of a loan. Reserves will be used to help keep the loan repayment low and make the project more affordable for all New Rockford residents.

FALL 2020

This interactive map has been created to show in real-time where construction is active, where it has been completed, and where the project will go next. Regular updates will help the traveling public know of road closures and construction timing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! To ensure residents have minimal interruptions to their services, temporary water piping will be installed throughout each neighborhood. The water will hook up to your outdoor spigot. Once the new water main has been installed and tested according to the ND Department of Environmental Quality guidelines, the temporary water service will be removed, and water will be reinstated using the new water main.

We attempt to keep this time as minimal as possible. On average we can complete a section within two weeks. However, there are times when challenges arise, and the timeline changes. The contractor will keep you informed of irregularities.

If there is not an outdoor spigot available, the contractor is required to install temporary water inside the building, whether residence or business. A quick-connect fitting will be installed by the contractor at a door or window. Once the initial setup is completed, it will be the responsibility of the property owner to disconnect the water service if the door or window needs to be locked.

The contractor will be notifying residents along the route when construction and temporary water services will affect you directly. This will be done through public service announcements, notification directly to property owners, and on the interactive map.

Once the water main is installed, the streets will be brought up to finished grade with temporary surfacing. A paving subcontractor will be involved periodically to remove temporary surfacing and place the final asphalt on the streets. The timing will depend on the paving contractor’s schedule and the weather, making this schedule challenging to predict.

You will be able to reach your property the majority of the time. We attempt to minimize the disruption in your daily life. The contractor will try to offer as much notice as possible for restricted access. Please check back frequently for updates.

We understand this project will impact your daily routine and access to your homes. We respectfully request your patience and understanding during construction to ensure the safety to all involved and to allow the contractor the opportunity to construct the project safely. Though this will be a disruption, the result will be better water, better streets, and a better overall way of life for New Rockford.

If you have further questions, please contact us via email or at (701) 252-0234.