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Kopp and Steinbeisser Bring Leadership to Sidney Chamber

Sidney team members Ryan Kopp and Shay Steinbeisser currently serve on the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture (SACCA) Board of Directors, serving as influential voices for the well-being of local businesses.

Ryan joined the Chamber in January 2021 and serves on the Sports and Recreation Committee. “I find it important that there is an organization that is constantly forward-thinking when it comes to keeping a community whole. Many small communities struggle with ‘brain drain,’ where their young, talented people leave for college and never return home. I feel that Sidney has been able to buck that trend with several high-skill opportunities in the community that, in part, thrive because of the area’s overall health. Much of that health can be attributed to the work of the SACCA,” said Kopp.

Shay has been on the Agricultural Committee for three years and has served on the board for two. “I enjoy being a part of the events that go on in this community. I believe the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture has a significant role in bringing people to work, play, and spend in our community, helping us thrive,” says Steinbeisser.